There are various kinds for hosiery products. Not only different yarns materials & quality, but also different kinds of machines and the functions will make different kinds of hosiery, however, the producing process is quite similar.

Firstly, new developments will need to apply professional computer formula to create the stylings and layout, and determined the proper materials and percentages to be used based on professional evaluation and cost consideration, then started to process for knitting the semi-production (called hose) ; the toe seamed and trimmed process is the next step if necessary (for high-tech seamless hosiery machine, this step is done by machine without further sewing), then knitting color yarns or dyeing. Unlike general garment or underwear which is made from dyed fabric, most of hosiery products are "piece dye", so it must take "stretch measurement" as spec. standard. Upon customers' demand, some sheer hosiery will go through heat setting , then finish to pack finally.

Photos for producing process reference
1.Designing and making samples 2.Knitting,sewing and trimming (if needed)
3.dyeing,drying 4.heat setting 5.packaging and finished products
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